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Why do I need preventive maintenance?

Proper maintenance will give your furnace the opportunity to perform at peak efficiency. Saving you money over time without the worry of suffering avoidable breakdowns and loss of service.

What is a equipment tune up?

An equipment tune up includes the cleaning of the essential components as well as a full inspection to identify potential problem areas. This is followed by an assessment of it’s operation and over all condition at which time we’ll grade your systems overall condition and operation and make suggestions to help boost efficiency and performance.

What is the #1 cause of breakdowns?

Dirt is the number one cause of
 breakdowns in air conditioning and
heating systems. Protect your family…
 Protect your HVAC system.

Are you open 24 hours?

System breakdowns and the need for repairs are often both untimely and unpredictable. We offer 24 hour emergency service for the unexpected.

How long does a furnace or boiler last?

Ultimately the lifespan of your equipment depends on several factors including maintenance and usage, but on average your furnace will last between 12-15 years. Your boiler will last between 15-20 years.

Isn’t it cheaper to just fix it?

Considering the cost of repair and the age of
your equipment you could be spending a lot of money on equipment you might have to replace soon. Costly repairs could also be happening move frequent as the equipment ages, possibly matching or exceeding the cost of replacement

Aren’t equipment upgrades expensive?

When considering the expense of replacement it is important to remember that older equipment can not only be unsafe to operate but more expensive as well. As your system ages it becomes less efficient over time and cost you more to operate. A new more efficient unit can cut your utility cost and help off set the expense of replacement.

Expedience Hvac

We are an experienced and reliable air conditioning and heating contractor that has been in
the installation and repair business for more than 8 years. Throughout our years of operation in the Chicago, IL area