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About Us 

Who We Are

At eXpedience Heating and Cooling, we’ve been at the forefront of home comfort for over 16 years. Our journey began with a commitment to solving even the most daunting HVAC challenges. From systems crippled by freon leaks to those hindered by cracked heat exchangers, we’ve restored tranquility to countless homes with speed and expertise.

Our Philosophy

We believe in offering only the best to our customers. That’s why we champion Eco-Friendly Equipment. As Energy Star highlights, nearly half of a home’s energy consumption is dedicated to heating and cooling, costing homeowners an average of $2,100-$2,500 annually. Our solutions prioritize efficiency and sustainability, reducing energy usage and costs, while contributing to a healthier planet. It’s not just a win/win; it’s our promise to you.

Innovation at Its Core

The world of HVAC is dynamic, with continuous advancements enhancing comfort and efficiency. Our technicians are the lifeblood of innovation at Expedience Heating and Cooling. Through constant training and education, they master the latest technologies to ensure your home benefits from the cutting edge of comfort solutions.



Only the Best


Eco Friendly Equipment

According to Energy Star, about 45% of a home’s energy is utilized for heating and cooling (that averages about $2,100-$2,500 annually). Eco Friendly Equipment uses less energy to keep your home comfortable producing a savings for you and the environment. It’s a Win/Win!


The Newest Technology Repairs

HVAC equipment is always evolving and improving. Our technicians are consistently trained and educated so we can offer you the latest in home comfort technology. 


First Class Service

The local community knows that our mission is to carry out the best quality and most reliable service possible. We want you to feel like family while in the hands of true professionals.

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